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Books written in the Czech language

Humour & Sex Trilogy (Trilogie Humor & Sex) These books aren’t the first ones I’ve written but are the first ones that got published. It was a coincidence, really. A chief editor of XYZ Publishing House (that was really how they’re called) liked my style when I sent him one of my manuscripts, but this …


Crime fiction about a serial killer: Confessor

In 2021 I started to write my first crime novel. It’s about a serial killer called Confessor, and I’ve just finished the writing part. The book isn’t complete just yet. I will need to keep it aside for a while and then go back to it, read it and do some editing and changes. I …


Buy my new book on Amazon: Crush

Where to buy it? Simply click on this Amazon link. About the book: If you’re prudish, this story full of sex isn’t for you. If you’re too decent to read about violent death, keep yourself away. And if you think those can’t be mixed with humour, you’re very wrong. The usual men-women interactions are layered …