About Me

Jitka Moody used to be my pen name, now it’s what my ID read. It’s partly a paid tribute to my favourite TV series Californication with aging yet sexy author Hank Moody as the main character. And partly I like how it sounds, how it looks like. And, surprise, surprise… I’m moody occasionally.

Who am I? As a little girl, to ask me what I can’t imagine life without, I would tell you that without books.

At first, I read the White Fang and Tecumseh and adored the Children of Bullerbyn. And in the meantime, I was writing wild fairy tales. I’m not exactly the type for what is colourfully called Beaux Books, and I probably won’t even like it. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve read some John Irving or classics like To Kill a Mockingbird. But I’d rather reach for Chuck Palahniuk or even Stephen King in the end.

I like ice cream and hardly resist port wine, fried duck, freshly baked bread, or well-made seafood. I love a light breeze on a hot day, while I might like the snow only in the photos or outside the window (it does not apply when driving). I enjoy melancholy days, playing quiet music and solitude with a book. What more could you crave? Life has other joys, but reading and writing is my great passion.

So to finally write something about myself, I recently returned from a 5-year study in Sydney. There, I broke the habit of screaming while killing small, almost cute Czech spiders and learned to scream properly when killing 15-centimetre hairy beasts. Fortunately, I did not feed the sharks at the magnificent Australian beaches but fulfilled my dream of living with a sea view.

I fulfilled another dream with Antipodeans down under. I had always wanted to be able to write English books. I’ve just written my sixth book about a serial killer Confessor in that dream language. I’m not suddenly perfect in it, but I have more audacity and courage. See Spreading the Giant Spider in the paragraph above.

I admire history, psychology, humour and especially sarcasm, and I’m sapiosexual, which probably sets me inevitably single.