Books and wine

I no longer buy books in the form of printed pages bound into a hardcover. You know, books that filled libraries and bookstores. The new ones that smell glue and cheap paper, the older ones with the aroma of ancient time, scuffed and abraded and yet absolutely amazing. What rustles beautifully under your hands, a unique page after page.

So I don’t buy those anymore.

My bookcase is always filled up quickly, and I handed out and distributed the books, forced by the fact I needed room for new additions. Because I read a lot. The thing is, when you’re in the habit of moving pretty much, even between continents, owning books is insane. So I buy and read only the electronic ones.

I, therefore, consider books as they were initially intended as an impractical anachronism, but I miss them. The rules are to be violated from time to time, and I do possess hard copy books, but mostly I only softly touch them and sniffer them in the bookstore.

Of course, it’s not at all about whether it’s a piece of glued paper with a cardboard cover or glowing letters in a tablet. There are nice advantages I’ve already used to. A paper book from a bricks-and-mortar shop doesn’t remember where I last finished reading, so it’s up to me. The paper books in the bookcase don’t give me a chance to get a new piece of book to immediately read if I want to be still wrapped in a soft blanket while one hand holds a glass of wine. Red. Port. Yum.

I love reading, whether the book is in the form of paper or a display.

As a little girl, I was crazy about reading. I quickly finished those mandatory out of school and moved to those of my choice. I loved the adventures one. Whether they were fictions about Indians or cowboys or real stories featuring indigenous people in the deep, pristine Amazon rainforest, I read them in one breath.

Writers always write the genre they enjoy the most themselves as readers. As a grown-up, I read pretty much every fiction but the over-romantic one. I always had a soft spot for crime books, though. I mean, I read thrillers, humorous books, fantasy, horrors, but what I always go for is serial killer novels.

Wondering why.