I was born in Brno, the South Moravian part of the Czech Republic (it was Czechoslovakia back then, though). Brno is basically the second largest city in Czechia, and specific Czech humour calls it the largest village in the country. Don’t ask me why; we have all the nice city should have here.

I haven’t spent much time in Brno, to be honest. I grew up there, and in my late twenties, I left Brno for Prague, the capital of The Czech Republic. I had been living there for twelve beautiful years, and when even Prague felt like a small city, I moved to Sydney.

Right after High school, I opened my own business in Graphic Design. I’ve done that precisely for twenty years, which is really a lot. In the first half of this period, I really enjoyed that a lot, and in the second half, I was pretty good at it, so it was easy money to get. I needed more challenges, though. So I extended my job to related areas such as marketing, idea-making, and project management.

Also, I was writing. I made my share of book attempts, but I was more successful in selling my columns to the local paper or publishing political blogs. I was in my thirties when I was lucky enough to get my first book published. It was a series of three Erotica & Humor short stories I totally enjoyed writing, and it was well accepted by readers.

Somewhere between moving to Prague and releasing my first book, I got married, and I later also got divorced. I wasn’t given much luck in relationships, I think. I don’t have enough space to describe what the marriage took from me, but what I gained was more confidence and a better drive for doing what I love to do.

I was forty when I decided to leave the Czech Republic for Australia to study and to enjoy an independent life by the ocean. I arrived with two goals I managed to reach. First, I wanted to improve my English to the point I would be able to write books in English. The second and evenly important thing was to find out what I want to do with my life. What profession would suit my skills the best?

I’ve spent five years in Sydney studying Business Management at college, where the part of it was Project Management, and I truly believe I found myself there. For most of my professional life, I managed projects, and I liked what I was taught at the college, I deserved my Advanced Diploma certificate.

I’m still keen to learn. I love it.

Currently, I work as a Project Manager and I’m fine with that. Of course, becoming a professional writer is a huge dream of mine, but it takes time.