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MARCH 2022: The book Crush is now on Amazon, you can buy a soft or hard copy here. Hearing for the first time? Please check the details about the book right here. Basically, Crush is a story of seeking love full of sex. Many romantic books are made for people longing for unconditional love and a happy ending. But there is only one written for single people stating that dating and finding the One isn’t that simple. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean all this searching can’t be a lot of fun, though. Part of this is passion. It’s a good thing, and it doesn’t necessarily come with that strong feeling initially.

APRIL/MAY 2022: I’ve finished my first crime novel Confessor with a staring inspector Daryl Stout. It’s a book about a serial killer. A brutal, ruthless, very intelligent serial killer who murders young women, especially vicious way. Currently, I’m searching for a good agent to get that published.

MAY/JUNE 2022: It’s going to be a long period of time, but at the beginning of European summer I’ll start writing a book again. And I have this whole time for the decision on what type of book when it comes to genres it will be and also the story itself. Love it.

JULY 2022 and further: The new crime book title I’m writing is Triad Nemesis. This time inspector Stout and his partner are dealing with a female serial killer punishing men abusing women. Oh, just think about all those possibilities that the topic offers!

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