Writers love to write about what they love to read about. That’s a simple fact. I always enjoyed a good crime story, especially with a serial killer. And what’s exciting is, finish one book and have the possibility to grab another one with the same detective.

I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce you to my own Inspector Stout crime book series. The very first book is called Confessor, and as I announced, it’s about a serial killer. You can read more about the story HERE, and I truly believe it’s going to be a good book.

At the time the writing is done, and after some short period of time, I’ll go back to the manuscript, reread it from the reader’s position and then make some changes. Probably some shortening, editing and maybe even writing some new scenes. Hard to say in advance.

The next book I’m going to write will be another inspector Stout novel.

I have plenty of notes with some stories I could use about a specific type of murder, a particular type of psychopath or some details. Those are coming to me from time to time, so I write them down. Some of them will never become a book, while others could be the next volume in the Serie. One thing is for sure. I’m going to have a lot of fun with that.