In 2021 I started to write my first crime novel. It’s about a serial killer called Confessor, and I’ve just finished the writing part. The book isn’t complete just yet. I will need to keep it aside for a while and then go back to it, read it and do some editing and changes. I believe this will be done in the second half of 2022.

The book takes place in Sydney, where I spent 5 years. It all starts with Inspector Daryl Stout having a call. The caller introduces himself as a Confessor, and there is something odd about him. He announces that the guys from the crime scene unit should be better fast as he left a present at the famous Australian beach Manly for them. The dead niece of Sydney’s mayor. The victim is found in a terrible state; it is obvious that she passed through the hands of a sadistic killer. She has cut pieces of skin on her back, and the killer must have cut them off for hours or days. The dead girl has many stab wounds in the hull, and together they form the word “no”. Her mouth is sutured. Even though this is the first victim, the inspector reveals from experience that it would be the work of a serial killer. The police have to work fast; otherwise, more brutally raped and mutilated victims will be found soon.

After this book is done, I will write another inspector Daryl Stout crime novel, and there is a high possibility it will be about a serial killer again.

I have clearly a thing for serial killers. I love watching documents about real crimes and also love reading fiction about serial killers. They are a very specific kind of killers. I’ve studied their psychology and motivations behind those gruesome homicides, and while it’s repulsive, it’s fascinating.

I have always loved reading crime fiction. I have probably read everything that Rex Stout has written, and in Confessor, I paid tribute to this fantastic American author by naming my inspector Daryl Stout. I have a soft spot for Chris Carter’s fabulous books these days. I dare you, my dearest readers and friends, leave me a comment with your favourite serial killer crime novel books’ author.