There are probably more ways to judge the quality of a movie or series. You know. How long the battle lasted, how much bare skin was there, the number of jokes made by the main character or villain.

Or the quality of the story. And the quality of the characters.

If you are willing to read these lines, I assume you also fall into the last category. I remember, for example, an online debate that I had with one who also considers Gladiator a great movie. However, unlike the battles in that film, our online discussion lasted only a few moments. I longed to break down the dialogues; specifically, I am most fascinated by the inner battle of good and evil. Joaquin Phoenix’s monologue simply plays brilliantly when the future young emperor murders his father. And I found out that my “discussion partner” is not interested in such nonsense. That he always rewinds the film to the footage of the battles.

Don’t get me wrong, the film’s fight scenes’ imaginativeness and credibility about the Roman general is quite a legitimate way to evaluate the film. But it’s probably hard to argue with a person who isn’t interested in words, but just pictures of that.

But in order not to play snob, I have already admitted that sometimes I pamper myself by allowing myself to watch a reality TV show. Specifically, Wife Swap (Exchange of Wives) of British or Australian production, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I will also look at the Czech one.

Or Gordon Ramsay and his Kitchen Nightmares (the Czech version was provided by Zdeněk Polreich in Yes, boss). If you consider your English skills middle-level and still think that this language is very poor and uncreative in swearing, Gordon will surely take you out of this mistake in the first episode. Only the British version, though, where they don’t bother with covering any vulgar words. I am forbidden to watch the American version of Kitchen Nightmares if I happen to be visiting my parents. My mother has a headache from that eternal beep.

My favourites definitely include the American or Australian Survivor. I absolutely love the Australian version of Married at First Sight. And if you don’t know the American show The Biggest Loser, you know zilch about losing weight.

If I had to grind into my favourite series, then, of course, Game of Thrones is at the very top, no one behind it for a long time. But besides probably the most popular character from Game of Thrones, the dwarf Tyrion, I prefer his sister Cersei. In short, I really like complicated bad guys.

The Californication series is from a completely different backpack. As I mentioned, I owe my pseudonym Moody to the protagonist, at least partly. If you do not know and intend to supplement your knowledge, then the show is about an aging writer who has author’s block; he is an unscrupulous slut and a terribly bad guy with the face and body of David Duchovny. He knocks down practically everything that comes his way, but in reality, he only cares about one woman, about his ex.

When it comes to the list of series that I’ve seen more than once, the Big Bang Theory needs to be mitigated in the first place. Simply put, intelligent humour and a fantastic cast. But you already know that.

There are, of course, more great series that I can only recommend. I used to love Sex and the City, but it went all terribly wrong with those new progressive episodes of And just like that. Ally McBeal has lost nothing in beauty. Criminal Thoughts or Dexter or Mentalist, all smart crime shows.

The new parts of Doctor Who are a different chapter. I was the first to see a story called The Empty Child, or Are you my Mummy? I was probably never so frightened in my life. But then, by chance, I saw a story about the Weeping Angels. And I’ve been theirs ever since. Don’t even want me to start with movies…